1. Is it really only $295 per transaction with no additional fees?

Yes, HomeXpress Realty only takes $295, and you get to keep the rest of your hard earned commission!

2. Do I pay anything to join HomeXpress Realty?

Every agent that joins HomeXpress Realty will be on a 70/30 split for JUST their first 3 transactions. After an agent completes their first 3 transaction, then any transaction in the future will be just $295. That means that it will then be $295 FOREVER, and will not restart each year like other traditional real restate offices.

3. Are there ANY additional fees at HomeXpress Realty?

There is only one fee that each agent has to pay at HomeXpress. Each agent is invoiced each year for E&O Insurance on May 1st for $235, and it will cover the agent from June 1st to May 31st each year. We pay annually all at one time to save our agents money. (Note: Most companies charge a much higher monthly fee, or even a per transaction fee)

4. Does HomeXpress Realty offer training?

Absolutely! We believe training should never end! We offer training for all levels, and even assign new agents to have a personal mentor at NO ADDITIONAL FEES! Our training calendar is full each week, and each agent will also have free access to our David Knox training videos 24/7!

5. Are there any other reasons I should consider HomeXpress Realty?

Most traditional companies charge the agents to buy their books, and to have a mentor for training! HomeXpress Realty actually PAYS OUR AGENTS for coming to training! We reward our agents by waiving transaction fees when they participate in our training classes. Example: When an agent comes to 5 training classes, then the agent will get a free $295 transaction fee waived for their next transaction! No other company will PAY YOU to learn!